Donovan salivates over the latest VINYL COBWEBS playlist

The whole idea for the VINYL COBWEBS show started back when Premium Deluxe and I were working at KTKK AM630 in Salt Lake City. There was only so much music that we could incorporate into the TALK radio format, so most of our collection of obscure vinyl was left at that, STAYING OBSCURE. After we left KTKK, we did a short stint at KCNR AM1320 and then disappeared from the radio scene.

We strived to put a show on the airwaves that strayed away from the same tired OLDIES that everyone has either grown accustomed to, or grown to hate. Haven't you all noticed how these OLDIES stations cater to a certain crowd who only wants to hear stuff that they have a memory attached to. So that means they play only records that were HITS. We tend to be the total opposite! What VINYL COBWEBS represents is the music that wasn't quite a NATIONWIDE smash, the records that were a hit only in a regional market, or records that were never a hit but deserves some attention after all these years.

We presented this idea to our local OLDIES stations to mixed feelings. They stated, "Our sponsors want only the biggest hits, stuff people remember!" Even our local community radio station turned us away, for we tended at times to be on the edge of being politically incorrect.

So here we are, being represented on the internet to a BIGGER and I believe WIDER audience who might just understand our brand of comic humor as well as some great music that has definitely been overlooked for way too long. We hope you enjoy!

Premium as a little rebel rouser

Premium Deluxe, What's His Story?

Premium Deluxe, co-host of Vinyl Cobwebs, has one of the most definitive record collections this side of the Mississippi! His love of vinyl collecting and his witty approach to radio has lead to the formation of VINYL COBWEBS.

When Premium isn't hosting the VINYL COBWEBS, he's out earning a living driving in his meat delivery van. Maybe you have consumed a hamburger or chicken patty that Premium delivered to a restaurant near you. He truly is the hard working meat man that the whole world loves!

Mr. Deluxe is especially interested in your feedback on the show, so feel free to e-mail, with a special ATTENTION PREMIUM in the header. Requests, questions and the like. He'd be pleased as punch to respond in a fast and timely manner.



VINYL COBWEBS with each broadcast brings you the very best in esoteric obscureness! We represent many aspects of the post war era: Doo Wop, Rhythm and Blues, Surf, Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Exotica and more! One of our most appealing features is the fact that you never know what will play next! It's truly a listening experience.