WUN BLEE CHUNG DEE starring VINYL COBWEBS own Premium Deluxe and directed by VINYL COBWEBS own Donovan

Film follows the plight of a 40 year old man who has a life changing dream. In the dream, a mentally challenged indian gives him his well deserved Indian name- WUN BLEE CHUNG DEE! He later supposedly discovers that the name translates into HEART OF A CHICKEN and embarks on a long journey as THE CHICKEN MAN, attempting to LEAD ALL OF HIS BELIEVERS UNTO THE LORD.

See WUN BLEE CHUNG DEE visit his shut in old lady lover, frolic thru the cemetary with stolen flower bouquets, converting non-believers on the streets of Salt Lake City, visit with the chicken folk and appear on cable access TV with Gene Simmons of the rock band KISS! Very humorous, atmospheric, dark, twisted, deranged, politically incorrect, low budget and extremely entertaining....WUN BLEE CHUNG DEE remains one of the strangest pieces of cinema-flotsam & jetsam around.

Film was presented to a live audience at the Utah Media Arts Festival to varying reviews. Half the audience loved it, the other half couldn't stop talking about how politically incorrect it was. Love it or hate it, you'll NEVER FORGET IT!

VHS Video (NTSC) $14.99